Black mold is an unwelcome guest found lurking in many homes. Along with being unsightly, mold can also cause odors and even health hazards. Mold loves moist, warm areas, and therefore is commonly found in the bathroom.

If you have black mold growing on your bathroom ceiling, the most effective way to get it thoroughly removed is to call a professional.

When mold is seen in the bathroom, many people have the immediate urge to scour the area with bleach. While bleach appears to kill the mold on contact, it doesn’t always solve the problem, and can even cause additional health hazards.

The only time it is advisable to use bleach is for mold that is growing on non-porous surfaces such as the bathtub or countertops. Bleach is not an effective option for mold growing on the ceiling.

When bleach comes in contact with a painted surface such as your ceiling, it causes a reaction that emits a chlorine gas that could cause hazardous odors for up to 4 days after application.

Ridding your bathroom of mold is not something that can easily be done yourself. The best way to get rid of the problem is to call a professional mold removal company. A good professional company will kill the mold using an antimicrobial and then will apply a Polymer Sealer which will seal the surface so no further mold can grow.

The Polymer Sealer applied is clear and unnoticeable, but it can be painted over without ruining its effectiveness. The sealer works continuously to protect treated surfaces from the threat of any future mold growth.

Effectively removing the mold on your bathroom ceiling is a delicate process and one that should be performed by a professional. TermiGuard’s South Jersey Mold Treatment is a professional mold removal company servicing homes and businesses in the greater South Jersey area.

Whether you have a large household mold problem or just small spots of mold on the bathroom ceiling, the South Jersey Mold Treatment can work to rid your home of the unsightly black mold for good.

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