If you have been dealing with black mold in your bathroom, now is the time to take action to eliminate this potentially dangerous fungi from your home permanently. Black mold has been associated with respiratory illnesses as well as other conditions that are harmful to the health.

You may think that common household cleaners, such as bleach, can eliminate mold but the truth is that bleach is over-used and not very effective in controlling mold.

Controlling Black Mold

When you have black mold on the bathroom ceiling, you may be tempted to use chlorine bleach to remove the mold. Chlorine bleach, however, is absorbed into the materials that make up the ceiling and leech out into your air for many days after completing the cleaning.

The chemicals in the air from the bleach can be just as damaging to your respiratory system as black mold, making this option one that should be avoided on porous materials.

Bleach can be used for cleaning black mold on hard, non-porous surfaces, such as tile, but should never be used on wood, drywall, or other surfaces where the chemicals can be absorbed. Rather than using bleach, you will want to opt for professional assistance to remove the mold permanently.

Why Professionals Are Best

Professionals can help you determine which treatments will best fit your personal needs. When removing black mold on the bathroom ceiling and from other porous surfaces, professional teams will often rely on a clear coating of polymer that inhibits the growth of fungus permanently. Since the bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the home, treatment is very affordable.

For rooms under one thousand square feet, a localized treatment is completed that costs as little as three to four hundred dollars. Since black mold needs specific conditions to grow, your treatment team can also assist you in finding solutions to eliminate growing conditions that support mold growth in your home.

TermiGuard’s South Jersey mold treatment plans will allow you to breathe freely in your home, without constantly needing to clean away mold or spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary treatments.

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